Existence paradox

Inside Dickinsons’ garden

magnolias in my hair

Shall I loose?

Begin to think this paradox:

If we are the eye of thy existence…

Are we destructing ourselves?

Shall we cease to exist?

I loved you in this garden

I was burnt out from being questioned.

Now I begin to think

“Does existence destroys herself?”

Tiniest ants went through our hands.

Do they even understand

love is free?

You and I

You and I we play with time

we look further to rebirth

when we touch the words

an ancient viola makes an apparition

I can see step two

even tho I’m zero noun.

The sea makes my cry

and think of the perfect murder

When Alfonsina threw down

she didn’t knew she was a seed

I’m all fertile

rather than fertilized

You and I we play with space

while you change all possible forms

I go to you as a Trojan horse.

I decided I spend too much time crying

so my teardrops fall on your face.

My girl was a white mirror sketched by a cocainoman in his high waves

Because of my nature
tasted some death
I tried my own destiny
chaos seized hold of me.
I contained the desire to hurt
habits took pity of me

as it does with us.

Still keeping my promise of freedom
in burning hunger of giving myself to you.
I believe for valid faith
you love me because I love you.
I hurt your sweetness that much
today my condemnation is your constant betrayal.